Winter 2015

Living in the northeast has always been a winter challenge but this year has been the deepest freeze yet. When the temperature is below zero I don’t care what anyone says, I’m cold.
It has snowed every weekend for the last five weeks. Not a huge accumulation, just enough to be shoveled and work the snow blower.
Now, the best part of this freeze is the time to sit down and write. I’ve actually started working on my novel. I have lots of characters that are developing in my head every day, and every night I might add.
Sleep has been replaced by what my character’s mother did or what her father’s thinking. It’s exciting, fun, and a bit debilitating. My characters are often more real to me than the people I’m talking to.
So, thank you winter 2015!


4 thoughts on “Winter 2015

  1. pegcole17

    I can relate to what you’ve said here, Mcraig. My characters pop out of a deep sleep sometimes and make me get up and write their story. It can be quite consuming. You’re doing a great job in getting it down on paper. Keep on writing. Soon it will be a novel.
    I’ve sent my final edit to a friend who will be painfully direct in pointing out my weak paragraphs and inconsistencies. That is exactly what it needs.

  2. Anonymous

    Peg I know your novel will come out on top. Your writing is so defining and reading it leaves me wanting more and feeling for your characters. Keep me posted on your progress.
    Bill has suggested I not continue to post on HP for fear of someone stealing…easy to understand since I’ve had 11 hubs hit by thieves recently. The irony is a couple of them even copied some of the comments. Go figure.

  3. Vicki Warner

    Mary, we’ve had very mild weather in this part of Canada. No snow at all. I too would love to do more writing! but twice a week on my own website seems to be the max for me! Lovely to rediscover you here!

  4. Anonymous

    Vicki my problem is trying to split my time; Hub Pages, Home, my novel, a children’s book, Twitter, Facebook….it’s not all happening!


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