“Why Do We Hub”

Since I mentioned HubPages in my first post, I thought I’d add a link to one of the hubs I wrote about why we write hubs.  You may like to read it and learn more.

Hub Pages is such a unique place.  Not only can you write about anything you’d like, much like here on WordPress, but you become part of a community of people from around the world.  As you become part of the community you make friends.  You begin to learn about each other’s lives and care about them like the friends you’ve had all your life.  You learn about their different cultures and find some great recipes along the way as well.

Hub Pages is a writers’ community.  A place to write and stretch your wings as you try to hone your craft of writing.  There are hubs to help you write, hubs to teach you how to write, and hubs to encourage your writing.  It is truly a great place if you just like to write for the fun of it or if you are a serious writer.  There are many authors on Hub Pages that share not only their wonderful works but their talents and expertise.  I can’t tell you enough what a wonderful place Hub Pages is for a writer.

Oh, did I mention you can get paid too?  I’m not saying you’re going to be a millionaire by any means, but you can earn a little money on the side as your expertise on Hub Pages and your followers grow.  Of course Google plays a part in ranking your Hub Pages and leading others outside the community to your work but you can earn some money.

So, the bottom line here is if you are a writer that enjoys writing (seriously or just for fun) Hub Pages is a great place to be.  There are forums you can join to learn more and there are tutorials by the Hub Pages staff.

Hope you enjoy!


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